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Step-by-step Google Universal Analytics (analytics.js)

Google Universal Analytics (analytics.js) Step-by-Step Set-Up Guide

Check first if you are using the Universal Analytics (analytics.js) code for Google Analytics. If you are using the old ga.js code or are deploying the wywy TV Analytics plugin via Google Tag Manager, do not use this guide but the other guides for the old Google Analytics code (ga.js) or for Universal Analytics & Google Tag Manager.

1. Log into Google Analytics and head to the Admin section

2. Select Custom Definitions

3. Select Custom Dimensions

4. Select New Custom Dimension

5. Name your new Custom Dimension. This is the label you will see in reports. We suggest 'wywyTvTracking"

6. Set the scope to User

7. Save your Custom Dimension and make a note of the dimensions index. This number is necessary for the plugin slot value.

8. Using the label from 5. you can add secondary dimensions, create segments, or dashboard widgets.