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Adobe Analytics Data Connector

Version 2.1.5, updated 2015-12-01

The wywy TV Analytics Data Connector App allows you to enhance the tracking data from your website with TV commercial airing data. You will be able to distinguish between website visitors who interacted with your website while a commercial was running, or shortly after, and other website traffic.

The plugin works through a data connector in your Adobe Analytics reporting suite.


You will need access to the Adobe Marketing Cloud report suite and have privileges to make changes, specifically to add a new data connector.

The integration uses an eVar (Custom Variable), so one needs to be available or created prior to starting the integration wizard.

You will also need your wywy Customer ID. This is how the TV creatives relevant for your website are tied to your Adobe Analytics account.

For new customers, please reach out to our sales team who will be happy to support you.

Adding the wywy Data Connector

Navigate to the "Data Connector" section in your Adobe Marketing Cloud Analytics account using the menu item.

In the data connector section select "add new"

You will currently be able to find the "wywy" Data Connector product in the "In Laboratory" selection. Drag-and-drop the wywy icon to start the integration wizard that will take you through the necessary steps.

Accept the terms and conditions and give your integration a memorable name. We would suggest:

"wywy TV Data"

In the next step you will need to add the wywy customer ID (6 digits) as well as select a detection "timeframe" - in other words the number of seconds to look back for detection events. We recommend using 300 seconds.


The next step is to set the eVar you want to use. You also have the option of setting a name if you have not already done so.

Once you have completed the wizard you must deploy the integration code on the website before any data will be collected.

The data connector wizard will create a sample report showing basic TV-related metrics. The wizard will also create two segments, which you can apply to any report in your analytics suite.

The "TV visits" segment will show you only visits that started following a TV commercial airing within your defined lookback window. The "non-TV visits" segment will show you visits that happened at other times.

Updating Tracking Code and Deploying the Integration

In the wywy Data Connector make sure you are in the "Support" tab.

In the "Resources" section find and download the "wywy Integration Code v1_0".

Include the Integrate Module (see below) if not already in use.

Deploy the code using the Tag Manager, Dynamic Tag Management or request that the department responsible for maintaining your Adobe Analytics tracking code make the changes on your behalf.

Integrate Module

The integration code works together with the Integrate Module and needs to be available as part of your Adobe Analytics deployment.

If you are not already using the Integrate Module, please complete the following steps depending on the type of implementation you have:

AppMeasurement Implementation

Unzip the file, which can be found in "Admin Tools > CodeManager".

Open the file named "AppMeasurement_Module_Integrate.js".

Copy and paste the contents of this file into your primary AppMeasurement.js file right before the "do not alter anything below this line" comment.

Legacy Code (H-Code) Implementation

In the wywy Data Connector make sure you are in the "Support" tab.

In the "Resources" section find and download the "Integrate Module - legacy H code" file.

Copy and paste that code in your s_code file right before the "do not alter anything below this line" comment.