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Adjust Partner Module

Version 1.1.1, updated 2017-03-24


In order to successfully use the wywy partner module, you need at least an adjust Business Pro Account (Level 3 of 5)


1. Navigate to 'Apps', select the app you want to add the wywy partner module to and click 'Settings'

2. In the 'Settings' screen, expand Partner Setup

3. In 'Settings' > 'Partner Setup', expand 'Analytics'

4. Scroll all the way down to wywy

5. Enter your six-digit wywy Customer ID.

Customer ID

Your six-digit customer id will be provided to you by wywy.

Adjust Package Pricing

Customers using Adjust Basic and Business will see their data pushed through to the wywy Dashboard.
Customers using Adjust Business Pro and beyond are eligible to see data flowing into their Adust Dashboard as well as the wywy dashboard.



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