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SiteSync with Optimizely

Version 1.0.1, updated 2015-12-02

*** Note: If your website does not use Optimizely, you can use the wywy SiteSync plugin instead. ***

The wywy integration into Optimizely enables you to synchronize your website to your TV advertising, displaying the same product or service on your website the instant the TV ad airs. Simply put, wywy detects the TV ad airing in real-time and then sends a trigger to Optimizely to turn on the accompanying experiment.

Enabling the wywy Integration

Before you can use wywy in audience targeting, you must enable the wywy integration.

1. Click on Integrations

2. Search for wywy and activate the integration by selecting On under Integration Details

3. Under Integration Details, click on Edit, enter your six-digit wywy Customer ID (in this example 123456, will be provided by wywy) and Save the changes.

Creating the Experiment

1. In your project overview click on New Experiment

2. Fill out Experiment Name and URL and click on Create Experiment

Setting up Audience Targeting

1. In the newly created experiment, click on Audience Targeting to create a new audience

2. Click on Create a New Audience

3. Configure audience targeting to use wywy conditions

3.a. Set Audience Name and Description

3.b. Select and configure Conditions

When expanding wywy, you can select:

Recent Channel

Target specific TV channel(s)

Recent Version

Target specific TV commercial version(s) / creatives

Recent Version-Channel Combination

Target a combination of channel(s) and commercial version(s)

Available channels and commercial versions will be provided to you by wywy.

3.c. When finished, click on Save to save the audience targeting.

4. Click on Done to return to your experiment.

Setting up Variation and Start Experiment

1. Set up a Variation as required.

The Variation should mirror the TV commercial to tell the same story across screens.

For example, if the new Seat Ibiza car model was shown on TV, you could display an overlay with the same Ibiza car model on your website. We recommend having only one variation active in a wywy controlled experiment.

2. Under experiment
Options, configure Traffic Allocation so that 100% of traffic is directed to your variation (this way all traffic following the TV ad airing will be displayed the synced experiment content). Click Apply to save the changes.

3. Start the experiment by clicking on Start Experiment

4. In order for the experiment to work, you need to add the optimizely code snippet to the experiment’s web site.


When starting the experiment for the first time, a pop-up will appear and show you the required code snippet.