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SiteSync with Adobe Target

Version 0.9.7, updated 2015-12-02

*** Note: If your website does not use Adobe Target, you can use the wywy SiteSync plugin instead. ***

The wywy Adobe Target module allows customers to utilize the wywy real-time content recognition system to activate Adobe Target campaigns in sync with TV commercial broadcasts.

Whenever the designated commercial is aired on a monitored broadcaster, wywy use call the Adobe Target API to activate campaigns for a set delivery window.

How to video

This video gives you a short introduction on how to set up the wywy TV Analytics dashboard. Make sure to also check out the guide below for detailed step by step explanations and screenshots.


Adobe Target


You will need access to the Adobe Marketing Cloud with the new Adobe Target (Standard).

Activity Set-Up

1. Launch Adobe Target

2. Click on Create Activity in the upper right to create a new activity. wywy recommends Experience Targeting.

3. Select Visual Experience Composer, enter the URL and click on Create Activity to continue

4. Click on Untitled Activity to change the name.

5. Click on Code Editor, scroll down to the bottom and select Custom Code.

6. Paste your code snippet into the Custom Code area and click on Save to save your changes. In this example we use a simple layover for Nissan USA.


7. Click on Continue to proceed.

8. Click on Continue to proceed.

9. Under Activity Settings, set Duration to start at a Specified Date & Time.

10. Set the start date to the distant future to make sure the campaign can be activated later on. wywy will automatically activate and deactivate the campaign the instant it airs. wywy will also update dates to ensure delivery windows.

11. Under Report Settings, set the Goal e.g. on Engagement and Page Views.

12. Click on Save & Close

13. Once the activity is done saving, click on Activate to enable it to be triggered by wywy.

Adobe Target Classic


You will need access to the Adobe Marketing Cloud with Adobe Target Classic.

Campaign Set-Up

Launch Adobe Target - Classic Workflow

Supported Campaign Types

For ease of use wywy and Adobe recommend using a single alternate campaign for TV sync.

The following campaign types can be used for synchronized delivery of campaigns:

  • A/B..N Campaign

  • Landing Page Campaign

  • Monitoring Campaign

The designated campaign must already be approved in order to be activated in sync with a TV commercial broadcast.

Setting the Date Range

Set start date far in the future. Set end date to “when deactivated”.

Providing wywy with Required Information

Once your campaigns have been added, wywy Campaign Management will work with you to make sure that each TV creative is mapped to the correct campaigns. The below information is necessary to complete this step:

Tenant ID

Your Adobe Marketing Cloud Tenant ID.


Your Tenant ID can be found in the url when navigating the Adobe Marketing Cloud


Activity ID

The ID of all campaigns that a commercial should activate for synchronized delivery.

The campaign ID can be found in the url when inspecting the specific campaign

(e.g. campaignDescriptionId=15541 in Spotlight view, or campaignId=15541 in Edit view).

Delivery Window

Time span in seconds for which the campaign should be active after the TV creative is broadcast. Generally wywy recommends a delivery window of 300 seconds (5 minutes).