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Version 1.2.3, updated 2012-12-02

*** Note: If your website uses Optimizely or Adobe Target, we recommend using the integration modules for Optimizely or Adobe Target. ***

wywy SiteSync Plugin Technical Documentation

The wywy Site Sync Plugin is a lightweight, quick and easy to implement solution that allows you to better engage with your TV commercial audience online.

The wywy Site Sync Plugin will load an image resource (hosted on the customer website or CDN) and include it in a responsive, mobile view-port compatible, click or close layover.

The plugin is passive until a TV commercial airing is detected in real time and then delivers an interstitial (layover) to website visitors in sync with the broadcast. The plugin is integrated by simply including a JavaScript tag on your website. The tag contains the configurable parameters as well as the JavaScript loader.

Parameter name





set wywy customer ID




set location of interstitial




set URL to load after click on interstitial




set length of delivery window in seconds



Optional parameters can either be set as part of the javascript plugin or configured in the wywy backend during commercial upload.


Customer ID

The customer ID is provided by wywy and links the plugin to any TV creatives in the system

Image (Layover Creative)

The Site Sync Plugin works using an image hosted on the customer website (or their CDN). We recommend the image should not cover the entire page, but be large enough to display correctly on small high resolution mobile screens. The plugin will automatically scale an image down to fit the screen it is displayed on, but cannot scale an image up. The image should generally not be less than 600px wide and not more than 1800px wide; however, the ideal size depends on each individual website and integration.

Target URL

This is the landing page a user is directed to when clicking through the call to action or creative. This can be a particular deep link on the site, a different micro-site or a promotional splash page. Please note that any tracking parameters necessary for campaign tracking should be appended to this URL.

Tracking and Analytics

The Site Sync Plugin only delivers a creative to the website visitor. Analytics of usage and tracking needs to be set up separately.


The plugin can be loaded from any point inside the <body> tag or alternatively loaded from a container tag or tag management tool.

You must enter valid values for customerId.

Parameter name



provided by wywy after the first TV creative is added to the system


the image resource location (can be hosted on a CDN)


should be the intended landing page of the product (can be on a different domain)


set length of delivery window in seconds (can be left at 300 seconds)

<!-- Start wywy Site Sync -->

<script type="text/javascript">

/* <![CDATA[ */

var wywySiteSync = wywySiteSync || {};

wywySiteSync.customerId = 123456;

wywySiteSync.imgUrl = '//';

wywySiteSync.targetUrl = '//';

wywySiteSync.timeframe = 300;

/* ]]> */


<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>

<!-- End wywy Site Sync -->

If you have any questions please reach out to your local sales representative.