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AdConnect with TheTradeDesk

Version 1.0.2, updated 2017-03-21

wywy Adconnect for TheTradeDesk allows advertisers on TTD to traffic adgroups in sync with TV commercial airings.


Customers need to have a TTD account.


In order to traffic campaigns in sync with TV commercial airings wywy will need to be provided with an authorization token to access the TTD API.

wywy only uses the API to start and pause campaigns as agreed between parties. The API access is limited to enabling and disabling campaigns, using Besides the status of a campaign no further data can be accessed, collected or retained.

Granting Access

wywy needs to be provided with a token to access the TTD API.

Authenticating and generating a token are outlined in the TTD documentation (valid credentials required to view page).

The token should ideally not have an expiry date.

Creating Campaigns

Campaigns and adgroups are created by the client. wywy will not create or make changes to campaigns or adgroups other than to facilitate the trafficking in sync with TV airing broadcasts. The following should be considered when creating campaigns with adgroups that will be trafficked by wywy:

  • adgroups must be set to inactive, (wywy will activate adgroups for a delivery window on commercial broadcast as specified by client)

  • campaign start and end dates should reflect the total campaign flight

  • the campaign status needs to be active, for adgroups to deliver impressions

After the campaigns have been created, wywy will work with the client to make sure that the correct commercials are linked to the right adgroup ids.

Mapping Campaigns

When the adgroups are in place wywy can map these to the TV commercials. wywy requires the following information to complete the mapping:

  • Authentication token (see Granting Access)

  • TV commercial(s)

  • Adgroup id(s)

  • Target delivery window: sync time in seconds

  • Specific TV channels to target (optional, default is all)

Locating the AdGroup ID

Navigate to the correct adgroup in the TTD frontend. The adgroup ID can be found in the URL (in this example: slmjts9).