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AdConnect with DBM

Version 1.0.1, updated 2012-12-02

wywy Adconnect for DBM allows advertisers on DBM to traffic line items in sync with TV commercial airings.


Customers need to have a DBM partner account.

wywy will need be to granted access to the advertiser where line items will be trafficked in sync with TV commercial airings.


In order to traffic line items in sync with TV commercial airings wywy will need access from at least the advertiser level.

This is the lowest level for which DBM will allow a user to be granted access. Access can be granted at the partner level,

for ease of managing multiple synced campaigns across an account.

wywy only uses the API to traffic line items as agreed between parties. Only data needed to activate and traffic line items is collected and is not retained.

Granting Access

The below steps are necessary to grant wywy access to the DBM account and for the Adconnect setup to work:

  1. wywy creates a new and separate user with a email address this is only done once for each partner

  2. client adds the user provided by wywy to the desired advertiser(s) or account, read & write rights must be granted

  3. Google grants access for the user to use the Doubleclick Bid Manager API

Creating Line Items

Line items are created by the client. wywy will not create or make changes to line items other than to facilitate the trafficking in sync with TV airing broadcasts. Please note that DBM does not support TrueView for TV-Sync, create regular line items instead. The following should be considered when creating line items that will be trafficked by wywy:

  • advertiser and insertion order should be active

  • line item name cannot be created using special characters, use regular characters instead

  • line item should be paused

  • line item start date and end date should be set using custom dates

    wywy will update the line item end date on each activation
    (the end date is used to ensure the delivery window is not exceeded)

After the campaigns have been created wywy's campaign management will work with the client to make sure that the correct commercials are linked to the right line items.

Mapping Line Items

When the line items are in place wywy can map these to the TV commercials. wywy requires the following information to complete the mapping:

  • TV commercial(s)

  • line item id(s)

  • advertiser time zone setting

  • target delivery window

  • TV channels to target (optional)

  • TV broadcast areas to target (optional)


There is a delay between activating a line item on DBM and delivering the first impressions. Generally traffic reaches desired levels within 30-60 seconds. Google have stated that:

Expectation should not be that there is no delay between an API call and the actual start or end of delivery. We have no guaranteed max delay time.